Map Books

This was a limited edition book series with eight pages and four images each.  It was a New Year’s Eve gift for 2012-13 that was sent out to a select group of friends on New Year’s Day.  Production took about 3-4 days to complete.  That was longer than expected but rewarding none the less.  Each booklet has a unique set of images and a hand-sewn binding.  All the images were 5″ x 5″ squares extracted from the ERSI Maps Collection from 2007.  They are all different visualizations of mapping data using the ArcGIS system.  This technology is radically changing the way we understand our place in the world.  The final text was hand written and simply read: “Peace on Earth”. 

Akasha Deva

Here’s a gallery of the covers for each booklet

For you map lovers out there, here’s a gallery of all the map extractions created for this project.

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