Orange, Blue, and Black

Orange, Blue, and Black are the main color themes that run through this hand made book, pulled from the studio archives. It contains a series of collages, rendered from various materials that each had their own life, evolved separately, and then ended up together on these pages. No Photoshop here folks! What may not be apparent at first glance, is that this work incorporates a number of other pieces of art into it. They were previously constructed and deconstructed, then reconstructed for this piece.  Some of the materials used include:


A fragment of a CD cover that was found in the street
A collage made from cutting and pasting together a few overdeveloped photos
A well-used map of  the Portland Oregon area, with some light colored pencils rubbed into it
An acetate transparency showing the floor plan for a temple in Luxor, Egypt
A photocopy of a photo, from a book, showing Mahatma Ghandi as a child
Hand-sponged paper for the cover wrap
A guitar string that is embedded into the cover and can be used to tie the book shut
Heavy weight handmade paper with pressed plants for the pages


There was a poem that went along with this too. But I’ll post that once I dig it out of the deep archives somewhere. Anyway, the spirit of the work remains. Make of it what you will.

Akasha Deva


Here’s a gallery that shows the details for each collage inside the book.



Here’s a gallery that shows the covers and a few of the spreads too.


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